"I was searching for a Pomeranian for my Mom, and Catherine Woods reached out to me with a beautiful little girl she had available. Within hours of our conversation, my Mom fell in love with the little one Catherine had, yet this little girl had found her home. Catherine was kind enough to help me find another breeder to meet the immediate need for my Mom.

As soon as my Mom’s little guy came home- I realized I was ready to welcome a Pomeranian into my home again( my husband and I had lost our beloved Pomeranian, Jasper 8 months prior to heart failure). I reached out to Catherine and she was awaiting a new litter in several weeks, so we waited too. Of every breeder I worked with looking for my Moms fur baby, Catherine was the one that stood out to me as my choice in breeders. 

What we found in Catherine well exceeded any expectation I had for a breeder. As soon as the litter was here, Catherine let me know- we excitedly picked out our baby and started the countdown for him to join our family. The experience we had from  day one was so special, Catherine sent daily videos of our little guy growing up! We felt like we were right there watching him evolve into a ball of furry cuteness. She shared so many special moments with us- I have never been a part from day one to day 65 as we were with Catherine. She filled our days with excitement as we awaited our new baby to join our family. 

From the day we brought him home, Catherine remained in our lives, checking in on us, and answering dozens of questions and giving such great advice on continuing care. I would ask Catherine before our vet often- her knowledge and experience with this breed was constant and she is a great comfort during some hard puppy moments. 

What we found in Catherine was a breeder who has a genuine love for Pomeranians. She has dedicated so much time to all her babies. Her puppy parents are beautiful Pomeranians, so well cared for and so full of personality- you can see they are loved deeply by Catherine. What came home to us was an 8 week old beautiful little boy, so confident in human interaction, so socialized- that he just bounced right into our hearts. This is a direct reflection of Catherine’s love, dedication and exceptional ways as a breeder. 

We have been so captured by Catherine’s Pomeranians- that a year later we are adding a little girl to our family, and have had another wonderful experience, watching our girl grow from day one. Videos, pictures and sweet stories fill my inbox daily from Catherine. 

I feel so blessed to have found Catherine Woods and Pacific Northwest Pomeranians- she is truly one of the most incredible, knowledgeable and loving breeders I have met. Thank you Catherine for completing our little family, your patience with all of my endless questions, and for all you do for this beautiful little breed."